Open gym Sunday 9/27 1-3p

CrossFit 405 – CrossFit


10:00 Minutes

(No Measure)

On own before class 4-10 min easy aerobic work (bike, row, jog, or combo)

With coach:

5x air squats — test ROM


High knees, butt kickers, lunge with twist, bear crawl

10x rolling split

10x glute bridges

10x push up to down dog

10x supermans

1 min wall sit + 1 min with ext rotation bias, each side

1 min couch stretch each leg


15:00 Minutes

RX/IN: Front Squat (build to ONE single @ 90%; rest 2-3:00)

NOV A: Front Squat (7×5 (small increase from last session); rest 1-2:0)


18:00 Minute Time Cap

Metcon (Time)

For time

100x double unders

50x wall ball shots

40x KBS 55/35

30x push ups

20x goblet squats 55/35

10x HSPU


Adductor barbell smash 3-4 mins/leg