CrossFit 405, CrossFit 405 South – CrossFit


Intro, warm up (0-12:00)

Teach (12-20:00)



AD/IN: Snatch Pull + Power Snatch (1.1 x 6 sets; every 90s)

On pull, we want a slow 2s pull from floor to just below knees and then fast finish from just below knee

Sets #1+2+3 – 60% / Sets #4+5+6 – 65%

BLD: Segmented Snatch Deadlift + Hang Power Snatch Complex (1.3 x 6 sets; every 90s)

ALL sets at same weight AND light/movement focus

AD/IN: Power Snatch (5 Sets x 1 rep; every 90s)

Use 70-73-75-80-80%

BLD: Hang Power Snatch (5 sets x 3 reps; rest 1:00)

ADD a small amount from Part A and complete all sets at that weight



Metcon (Time)

For time (15 min cap)

15 power snatch 135/95

Run 800m

10 power snatch 135/95

run 400m

5 power snatch 135/95

run 200m
INT: PS (95/65)

BUILD: Hang Power Snatch (65/35)


** We are looking for a loading that we could cycle for 8-10+ reps unbroken, if we absolutely had to. Strategy wise, we may break that barbell up into smaller sets of 2-3 for round of 15, but it’s a load that we feel very confident cycling.

**Inside this workout, a “slightly heavier” loading such as this barbell results in fast singles. But the way this workout is set-up, it pays to aim for touch and go reps. Although we naturally gravitate towards whatever method could bring us our fastest time, we actually have a larger goal today – to get outside our comfort zone on the power snatch. Let’s aim for good-sized sets, from start to finish.

**To put a little more context behind it, let’s aim for at most 4 breaks in the first 15 reps, 3 breaks in round of 10 reps, and aim to go unbroken for last set of 5. In training, we have nothing to loose, everything to gain.