CrossFit 405, CrossFit 405 South – CrossFit



AMRAP 3:00 @ warm up pace

2 push ups to side plank

4 thoracic bridge/side

6 scap push ups

8 air squats

30s plank hold


Shoulder prep (w/ weight)

External rotation, lateral raise, front raise, vertical press

Mobility (8-12:00)

Banded super front rack 1:00/arm

Triceps and forearm smash 1:00/arm

Teach/Movement Prep



1. Make sure you distance your legs far enough to give your hips room to drop.

2. Make sure to support the majority of your weight on your front leg.

3. Do not let either knee cave inward on the ascent.

Movement prep

3-4 split squats/leg w/ no weight

3-4 split squats/leg w/ lighter weight

Strict press

Focus on braced body and bar path; the more vertical the more efficient



AD/IN: Strict press (5×5 @ 60-70%; rest 1:00)

NOV: Strict press (5×5; light weight; mechanics focus; rest 1:00)



Metcon (2 Rounds for weight)

EMOTM for 21:00

1- DB split squat x 5-8/leg

2- hang power clean w/ axle x 5-8 (keep load moderate)

3- perfect push up x 8-15
NOV: lunge with or without weight / bar work with standards barbell / push up to bar


1st round = weight used on DB split squats (note # of reps in notes)

2nd round = weight used on axle bar PC (note # of reps in notes)

No “score” push ups; just note # of reps in comments


Perfect stretch x 3/side + couch stretch + tissue work w/ lax ball on shoulders/pecs