CrossFit 405, CrossFit 405 South – CrossFit



AB 30s easy pace + 30s active spiderman

AB 30s medium pace + 30s burpees

AB 30s fast pace + 30s push up to down dog


Line drills: bear crawl, crab crawl, lunge, high knees, butt kickers


Mobility (8-12:00)

2:00 tissue work on shoulder w/ lax ball

Foam roll lats 1:00/arm

Teach/Movement Prep


Pressing – pausing at top between reps and driving out of bottom position quickly


3 press @3131

3 presses @10X1

T2B – hollow position and arch position + actively pulling feet back into that arch position

Double unders – focusing on wrists action today

HSPU – driving feet aggressively from bottom of keep “through” ceiling

DL – hips and shoulders together up and down



AD/IN: Strict press (3 sets x 6-8 reps; build; rest 2:00)

NOV: Strict press (5 sets x 10-12 reps; build; rest 1:00)



Metcon (Time)

3 rounds for time @95%

10 T2B

30 double unders

rest 1:00

3 rounds for time @95%


10 deadlift 225/155

INT: straight leg raise / DU or 60 SU

NOV: 15 sit ups / 60 SU

Part 2:

INT: DB strict press (heavy) / DL

NOV: 15 push ups / 10 DL

Score is TOTAL time to complete both parts AND INCLUDE the 2 mins of rest


**Push hard through both these short “burners” today.

**weight on DL should be something athletes can go unbroken for all 3 sets.


Glute and hamstring tissue work with lax ball