CrossFit 405, CrossFit 405 South – CrossFit


up (0-7:00)

2:00 bike

2:00 row


2 rounds

5 glute bridge

10 lunges

15 air squats

30 sec high plank hold

Mobility (7-9:00)

2:00 Oly wall sit

Teach/Movement Prep


SA DB OHS: tight core and strong shoulders keep arm over center of gravity


practice w/ light DB (OHS, front squat or goblet squat)

Push ups: core tight, concentrating on perfect push ups

Sit ups: relaxed pacing making sure to use the abs and get full range of motion

DU: large sets at the beginning slowing down toward the end to get breathing right before the OHS


1 round:

7-10 push up

7-10 sit ups

20 DU

5 DB squat (OHS/FS/Goblet depending on what athlete is doing in workout)



Front Squat (FInd a 20RM)


**With a 20RM athletes will not want to take multiple attempts.

**Take your time warming up to get to the weight you want watching how much rest between sets and reps.


Metcon (Time)

For time (18:00 cap)


Push ups

Sit ups


50 DU and 10 (5/arm) Single Arm DB OHS after each round
INT: DB single arm front rack squat (35/25) / push ups / SU / 1:30 DU practice or 30 DU

NOV: DB goblet squat PU to bar / SU / 100 single unders


Goal is to consistent sets on all movements.

DB weight should be heavy but unbroken sets each round


tissue work w/ lax ball on pecs, shoulders, and traps + cat/cow pose flow x 10 each