CrossFit 405, CrossFit 405 South – CrossFit



4:00 bike/row increase pace each minute


3 rds

10 hollow rocks

10 lunges

5 push up to down dog

Mobility (10-13:00)

Childs pose 1:00

Pigeon pose 1:00/side

Teach/Movement Prep


Burpees: landing in a solid position with the whole foot not just the toes

Pull ups: keep the upper back engaged the whole time, people have a tendency to relax the upper back when at the bottom of the pull up. This puts unnecessary tension on the shoulders and make the following reps harder

Air squats: full range of motion really focusing on doing it right, With the chest really high and reaching full depth and lock out at the top, it doesn’t take that long to do it RIGHT.

Clean and jerk: using the hips for both the clean and the jerk, the body will have done a lot of work up to this point so make sure we approach the bar strong and confident

Set up/barbell prep (25-33:00)

Clean rdl

Muscle clean

Hang power clean front squat

Strict press


Metcon (Time)

For time (25:00 cap)

Teams of 3

100 burpees

100 Pull ups

200 air squats

100 clean and jerks 135/95

100 burpees


Row for cals
INT: c&j 115/80

NOV: banded w/ no kip or ring rows/modify barbell loading


Teams of 3, one on the rower at all times while other two work on reps, switching every 25 reps.

So for the 100 burpees P1 start on rower while P2 and P3 do reps from 1-25, the P2 moves to rower while P3 and P1 do reps from 26-50, then P3 moves to rower while P1 and P2 do reps 51-75. And so on, at end of workout each partner should be on the rower 8 times.

Two scores, time to finish and calories on rower