CrossFit 405, CrossFit 405 South – CrossFit



5:00 row


2 rds

10 air squats

10 lunges

10 hollow rocks

Mobility (8-13:00)

Oly wall sit 3:00

Super front rack 1:00/side

Teach/Movement Prep


Strict press: keep legs/core tight, fast elbows in lowering and quick out of the bottom.

WB: practice tempo, emphasize depth today and good torso/WB position.


2 sets of 3-4 practice reps

Arnold press w/ anti rotation: this is the exact same as we have done before, still focusing on slow and controlled through the press and keeping the body tight


6-8 practive reps

Banded walks: staying in a quarter squat through the whole movement, I would like to see slow and controlled steps with this, there is no reason to compromise the movement with speed today.


3-4 “steps” eachdirection

Plank: trying to hold a solid position with hands under shoulder and butt not to high. Accumulating 2:00 every round.



AD/IN: Strict press (Find 3RM in 15:00)

NOV: Strict press (Find 5RM in 15:00)



Metcon (No Measure)

3 rounds NFT

8 Wall Ball shots @24X1

10 Arnold press with anti rotation (5/side)

12 banded walks (each direction)

2:00 high plank

** Today is about QUALITY not Speed

**For the WB tempo is priority. We are trying to feel the correct position to be in at the bottom of the WB.

**Plank we are just accumulating 2:00 each round, you can take breaks within reason.


Standing Quad stretch + standing hamstring stretch