CrossFit 405, CrossFit 405 South – CrossFit



5:00 easy row


5:00 AMRAP

5 air squats

10 glute bridge

5 push ups

10 hollow rocks

Max hold chin over bar


For the hold we are looking to really engage the upper back pulling the shoulders back and down, trying to teach the body to be in the correct position for pull ups.

Mobility (12-15:00)

Pigeon pose 1:00/side

OH stretch on wall 1:00

Teach/Movement Prep


Wb: alternating each rep standing side by side bouncing it off of wall to each other.

Sit ups: feet together and throwing the ball between each other so each one does a sit up with the ball

Lunges: hold the ball directly over head trying to keep arms straight and locked out.

Specific prep (30-33:00)

4 wb

4 sit ups

4 lunges each

4 burpees each



Metcon (Time)

5 rounds (27:00 TIME CAp)

With a partner:

30 sit ups w/ med ball 20/14

5 burpees each

30 alternating WB

5 burpees each

30 OH lunges w/ med ball (each)

5 burpees each

If wb is dropped at any point during the workout it is 5 burpees for each partner.

*Sit ups and wb are 30 total, so 15 each.

*Lunges are 30 reps for each partner, 15 each leg holding the med ball over head, one partner doing the lunges at a time and must complete all lunges before partner 2 can start.

*Burpees are 5 each while partner holds wb however they want one person burpeeing at a time.