CrossFit 405, CrossFit 405 South – CrossFit



1:00 bike + 10 air squats

1:00 bike + 8 thoracic bridge

1:00 bike + 10 single leg glute bridge/ each side

1:00 bike + 5 burpees

Mobility (8-11:00)

Oly wall sit 2:00

Childs pose 1:00


A. Front Squat; 10, 10 @ 75-80% of last set last week; rest 2:00

B. Back Squat; 10, 10 @ 75-80% of last set last week; rest 2:00

Teach/Movement Prep


Burpees: popping the hips on the way up in order to get the legs to land in a solid position.

KBS: long arms, a lot of times people try to cheat the rep by shortening the arms, today we are training so we want to maximize the movement and not cheat it.

Bike: pressing the feet down on the pedals the whole time, this creates a steadier flow to the bike and is more efficient



Metcon (Time)

2 rounds 15:00 cap

40 burpees

20 KBS 55/35

10 cal bike

**A generous time cap on this one, because we want everyone to finish.

** Goal is consistent pacing through burpees and big sets on KBS.

** Today is the day to push and extend sets to finish FAST. Rolling around on floor after today is acceptable!


Couch stretch + laying front rack stretch