Summer is coming to CrossFit 405.

summer is coming to CrossFit 405

In case you haven’t noticed, the weather is warming up. (Leave it to Oklahoma, the state I’ve spent my entire life in, to spite me and prove me wrong with a 50 degree Saturday.) But last weekend aside, Summer is coming. Everything is green, and when the rain stops, the sun feels more like an oven and less like a low-wattage light bulb.

And with the impending Summer at CrossFit 405 and 405 South, I can understand a decent amount of negativity. Dread about running, fear of heatstroke, flashbacks to slippery barbells and chalk grime…

I get it—we are in Oklahoma, and summer is bound to be slightly…painful. It’s easy to be negative, especially during your daily torture sessions WODs.

But negativity is not good for you—it’s not healthy (and why else are you at CrossFit, right?), and CrossFit is all about community and building others up. So, let’s talk about all the positive things summer at CrossFit 405 has to offer!


We do Tire Flips in the Summer!

summer tire flip

They don’t look to happy, but trust me, they are. Even if the tire is as big as Alphie.

If you’re new to CrossFit 405 South, this might seem like an oxymoron. (“Those suckers look huge, and I’ll probably collapse underneath one and die.”) Or, you might know just what I’m talking about. Because… you know you want to. Tire flips are one of those movements that non-CrossFitters see and think, “That looks super awesome. I want to do that.”

People look really badass when then flip a giant tire. You even get gnarly black smears all over your body to show for it later. And guess what?

WE ONLY DO THEM IN THE SUMMER. (And by summer, I mean, whenever Oklahoma decides it wants to be warm. Which can be March. Also September.)

summer tire flip

See how happy Poppy is?


At CrossFit 405, you get to go sledding… in the Summer.

summer sled push

Isaac using his mad skills to push one of our tRusty sleds

Our version of sledding might be a bit more strenuous than what people typically think of, but it’s still fun. And by fun, I mean “a change from the usual torture,” and you get really killer quads doing it. Both positive things!

Really, though, sled-pushes are amazing. They’re a great workout for all your crying body parts, and they really are fun, once you get the Rusty Giant moving. And if you can ignore the deafening screech it makes when you push it across the concrete. And trust me, you can, because all you’ll be thinking about are your burning quads.

Sometimes, we actually get to ride the sleds! Of course, this makes it worse for your partner…but still fun. 😉


People take off their shirts in the Summer at CrossFit 405 and 405 South!

summer shirtless

Tire flips AND being shirtless. Grady knows what life’s about.

(And you thought this post would be all about the crappy super-fun exercises you’d get to look forward to for the next 5 months in Oklahoma…)

Whether you’re in Norman or Midtown, people like to go shirtless when the opportunity presents itself. (For some, that opportunity presents itself much more often than for others…) If you’re new to 405, don’t worry—going shirtless is certainly not required. (Though some dudes treat it that way.) And don’t think you’ll have to stare at a bunch of six-packs, either. You’ll see all body types going shirtless, and we’re all shamelessly proud. Because when it’s 102 and you’re running under the Oklahoma broiler oven, you really don’t care what’s jiggling. You just want as much fabric off your body as possible. And for the record, CrossFit is never about what you look like. You might CrossFit to look better, but while you’re WODing… no one cares. So take that shirt off. If you’re willing to CrossFit in an Oklahoma summer, your bod is hot enough for me. 😉

summer shirtless

Check out Coy’s guns, dude.


Speaking of Summer apparel at CrossFit 405

I try to keep my posts family-friendly, but I’ve gotta say this—I’m ready to see the d!ck pantz go.

I know, because I’m a female (and I talk to other females), that we don’t wanna see what the dudes have going on there. And if you’re a dude…Well, I don’t think the other dudes wanna see that, either.


We love all of you. Just not the pants.

I don’t want to spend too much time here, and make us all more uncomfortable than we already are… but let me say that I’m glad the Oklahoma heat will send the d!ck pantz to the back of the closet. It’ll be hot, and there’s really no excuse for them now. Actually, when it was cold, there really wasn’t an excuse not to cover them with an extra layer of shorts, either…

Moving on.


Booty shorts!

Summer booty shorts

Chelsi showin’ us all up with her super Guns & Buns

Oh, the internal struggle of hypocrisy…

Yes, well. While the d!ck pantz are going away, the Oklahoma summer means that the ladies’ booty shorts are coming back at CrossFit 405.

I’d be the last person to support objectifying women, but I think we can all agree…

We would all (male and female alike) rather see booty shorts than d!ck pantz.

It’s just so much less… graphic.

summer booty shorts

Tina rocks them while she’s running

And let me clarify, if you’re new to 405—the men at CrossFit 405 and CrossFit 405 South are the last guys I would suspect to objectify any lady at the gym. No need to fear the leer here.

Just so we’re clear.

Ladies, you’ve worked all winter for those glorious legs of yours. I think it’s only fair that you get to show them off as much as possible. After all, the guys get to show off their pecs. We get the breeze on our thighs. It’s a win-win.

Can we agree to that?

Guys get full torso reveal in the summer, girls get booty shorts. No more, no less.

YAY, summer!


Summer at CrossFit 405 means we Run… all the time!

summer run

Matt’s happy 😉

Yeah, yeah, 99% of you are groaning because of this, grumpily throwing your phone across the room…

But no matter how many of you insist that it sucks, running is great.

Running gets you outdoors—vitamin D, negative ions. Happiness.

Running increases your cardio-respiratory something-or-other. Are you always panting and wheezing during the WODs? If you ran more, you might breathe a little better.

Running more means rowing less. I’m not 100% sure about this one. I like to think that we only row so much in the winter because it’s our cardio-substitute for running, but we’ll probably also do a fair amount of rowing and biking this summer, too. But if you’re like me, and you despise both… just tell yourself we’re running instead.

You need to improve the things you suck at! Yeah. That’s what CrossFit is all about. And running is a weakness for a lot of people. Plus, if you can learn to run in the Oklahoma summer… well that just makes lots of other things a whole lot easier.

Sometimes there’s a breeze. As you probably know, the box is not air-conditioned. We’ve got great fans, but Oklahoma Summers being the broiler oven that they are, the box can sometimes feel a bit suffocating. Running gives you the chance for some fresh air—and if you’re lucky, you might even get a bit of hot wind blowing in your face.


We make sweat angels in the summer!

summer sweat angel

No, this is not a crime scene

I don’t care how much you hate being sweaty, or how gross you think this is. On the inside, you know sweat angels bring out the inner child in you. When you get up from a brutal WOD and see your body laid out on the mat beneath you, sometimes you think, “I should have posed better.”

You wear it like a badge of honor when someone posts your sweat-imprint on Facebook or Instagram (let’s face it, that someone is you and that’s okay), because it’s hard not to see your sweat angel as a sign of accomplishment. After all, if you worked hard enough to cover your body in enough sweat to soak the porous mat after lying down for just 30 seconds… you had to have worked hard, right?

I don’t think it’d be totally unnecessary to have a sweat-angel contest at CrossFit 405 this summer.


We get new CrossFit 405 and 405 South buddies in the Summer!

summer new person

Welcome to your new joy, Brooke. 😉

Because society (or our procrastination) has taught us to wait until “swimsuit season” to start our fitness regimen, summer seems to be when CrossFit 405 gets a lot of new people. Which, unfortunately for the new folks, can be a less-than-ideal time to start working out in a garage.

Because, again—we’re in Oklahoma. It’s hot.

Nevertheless, it’s an exciting time—the more WOD buddies, the better!

I love new people. They’re excited, they’re nervous, they don’t take the community for granted…After all, how many other gyms did you attend before CrossFit where people cheered you through the end of your workout? You never forget what CrossFit felt like in the beginning, and I hope the new On-Rampers realize it gets even better from there. Sure, WODs are always a struggle, but you get stronger and your endurance increases, you make more friends, and it CrossFit starts to feel natural. So let’s celebrate all the newbies this summer, and encourage them when they feel like they’ve signed their death sentence.



Cheers to a sweaty summer! -Chandler Neal