It’s the holiday season, so I think it’s only appropriate that we discuss our rest days.

We talk a lot about community here at CrossFit 405. It’s one of our main goals as a gym—to make people feel welcome and to enjoy this life-changing experience with other people.

But sometimes I wonder if I only know the “gym version” of people. For instance, to me, Chelsi Romero is “the beastly little woman who’s getting really good at handstand walks.” And when I picture Stephen Lynch, he’s the loud dude practicing snatches outside the office and heckling people (all in the name of love and CrossFit).

But we have lives outside of CrossFit, right?

Rest days

Okay, maybe some of us don’t, and some of us try forget that we do.

But last month, as I was sitting on my couch eating too much popcorn, watching Friends, and feeling guilty about homework I may or may not have had (which is what I do on my rest days), I wondered…

What do you do on rest days?

Everyone in the box, who I only ever see working out… what else do you do?

And so I asked.

Every person I ran into in the box.

Like Ryan.

Me: Ryan, what do you do on your rest days?

Ryan: “Nothing.”

 rest days


But I got a variety of answers, most of which started with “What do you mean?” or “Like for exercise?”

Coy: I rest. …What do you mean?

Me: Yeah, just ‘what do you do?’

Coy: Nothing, really.

Me: Yeah, Ryan just said “nothing.”

Coy: I mean, I don’t just lay in bed all day… (ahem, Ryan) but maybe clean house. I’m actually trying to gain weight right now, so I try not to… well, I try not to burn too many calories on my rest days!

rest days

I wish you the best of luck with your Christmas cookies, Coy. You mass those calories.


There were “workout-related” answers…

Adam Carson: I talk myself into and out of going to open gym. What I really want is to know next week’s workouts… or at least the strengths.

rest days



Ethan: Well, some rest days I work all day, so I don’t come in… like if I hurt really bad and don’t feel like going to the gym. Sometimes I’ll just come in and move for 30 minutes… do wall balls or the bike. Then I like to put something heavy in there, like cleans or snatches—

Me: —That’s a rest day?

Ethan: —Yeah. Then I’ll do a 30-minute AMRAP at like, 60 percent. Those are the best rest days.

rest days

Uhm sure. That sounds like loads of fun, Ethan.

Me: What would you recommend people do on a rest day, workout-wise?

Ethan: Set up four or five stations of something that’s real light… at like, 80 percent effort and just spend a minute at each station. One minute on the bike, one minute rowing… or just pick one, go really slow for fifteen or twenty minutes. Roll out before and after. Stretch after. If they come in at all. Sometimes rest days are good to just not even come in.

Thanks for throwing that last bit in there, I’ll take it.


Aaron: It depends on how rough the week was on me… sometimes I don’t do any physical activity. Other times it’s like, an easy walk. We’ll walk the dogs as long as they can take it. Which usually isn’t more than a mile before they almost pass out. They’re kinda fatsos.

rest days

Well, we can’t all be CrossFitters.


Sandy: I usually rest Sundays and Wednesdays. Wednesdays I don’t usually do anything because I’m so exhausted from work… well, I guess Sundays we don’t have anything (at the gym), anyway.

Me: Well, we have Open Gym.

Sandy: Oh, yeah. Well anyway, most rest days I don’t do anything… I might do some yoga when I get home—but just to make me feel better, not as anything “intentional.”

Rest days

I just imagined she’d be baking, too.


Briana Loper: Sometimes Jake and I go trail running.

Me: Oh, fun! Where?

Bri: It’s in Edmond. Around Arcadia Lake.



rest days

Nothing better than couple-exercise!


And then of course, there were more… fun answers. (“Fun” meaning that most of our members are disappointingly responsible with their spare time.)

Julia: I try to catch up on photo editing (ha, *nervous chuckle*). Sometimes I go on a run. And sometimes I just completely chill and lay on my heating pad.

rest days

Well, we’re definitely grateful for her fabulous photo-editing!


Kristyna: Homework. Hahahaha. Sleep in. Yeah, that’s kinda it… and it’s usually weekends. Then I’m usually bored, like, “I wanna go to the gym…ugh.”

rest days

Don’t we all?


Aaron: Occasionally, I’ll do like an easy job around the house. A lot of times it’s yardwork, like mowing, cleaning up dog-poo… the really fun days

And of course, I like sitting on the couch watching movies, reading comic books. And as of recently, playing with our little knucklehead, Bucky. In general, I like to chill out, just do whatever makes me happy.

Who wouldn’t spend their spare time playing with Bucky?


Grady: I nap. (There it is!) That’s for sure. Take a nap. Most the time it’s a Sunday, which is laid back. And then… eat some yummy food. Still try to drink a couple glasses of milk, you know. Then make sure to get in bed at a decent time for the week ahead.

rest days

Gotta have that calcium.


Deston: Usually actually rest. Like sleep.

rest days

Good answer.


Chelsi Romero: I eat.

rest days

My soul sister.

(After more serious consideration…) I don’t really have a rest day protocol. I like to go on walks or take Cora to the park or play with her outside. And I’ll do some headstands because it helps with stability, and balance and meditation.

And because you’re awesome enough to do that.


Megan Graver: What do I do on my rest days?? Does it have to be like, workout related?

Me: No.

MG: Uhm, take my dog to the dog park… do homework… sleep.

rest days

Sleep seems to be a common theme.


And then there’s Luke and Stephen. Whose answers didn’t fit in any category:

Luke: heh, I rest every day.

Stephen: What rest days? I got kids, man

Luke: …or I walk. I also got children to chase. Duck hunt, goose hunt, deer hunt.

Stephen: Sunday, those are kind of rest days. I—

Luke: You did a 5k, man!

Stephen: oh, yeah, last Sunday. But usually it’s church—

Luke: Yeah, church. That’s good though, volunteering at the church.

Stephen: yeah.

Luke: Laundry! I do laundry.

Stephen: yeah, laundry…Thursdays, I actually get a pretty good rest in. Thursdays, I take my daughter to piano. While she’s in there, I get a good like 30, 45 minutes to just sit, be quiet.

Luke: yeah, I like gettin’ in quiet places. Gettin’ out, away from everything.

Stephen: Honestly, I get more rest at 5:30 in the morning with a cup of coffee, my Bible and a journal than I do on any scheduled rest day. And I try to just… chill with my kid.

Luke: Yep, family time, that’s the biggest time.

Stephen: Yeah, I like to hang out with my niece and nephew.

Luke: Heh, yeah, that little red-headed bastard.

Stephen: Shoot, you give Luke a rest day, he’ll go back out a mile or two and deer hunt. Just sit there with his thoughts.

Luke: Yep. And Facebook. Selfies.


rest days

Family and Facebook. Can’t live with it. Can’t live without it. (Also can’t live without rollin’ out those shoulders.)


Happy Holidays (and rest days), 405!