CrossFit 405, CrossFit 405 South – CrossFit


10:00 Minutes

Warm-up (No Measure)

3 rounds @ easy pace:

-:30 goblet squat hold

-6-8 ring rows (feet on ground)

-:30 hold from pull up bar

Empty bar drills from hang position:

-muscle clean



-hang squat clean thruster


15:00 Minutes

ADV: Squat Clean Thruster (build to ONE moderate set of 5 unbroken)

*from HANG position, 65-75% of 1RM of hang squat clean or thruster

INT: Hang Clean (5,5,5,5; build to a moderate weight )

*Hang squat clean, receive in bottom of squat

NOV: Hang Power Clean + Thruster (3.3 x 5; rest 1:30-2:00)

keep weight light/fast; all sets at same weight


16:00 Minute Cap

Metcon (Time)

For time:


-Hang squat clean thruster

-Bar facing burpee
ADV/Level 1: 95/63

INT/Level 2: 75/53

NOV/Level 3: 45/33

Masters+: L1 (75/53), L2 (65/45), L3 (45/33)

Add 1 second to time cap for each rep not completed

If you are participating in Lurong please indicate your level in your comments


1:30-2:00 per side each: Static quad + static hamstring static triceps/lats